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Promotions for parents, products for children

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Are you going shopping? Be sure to see what you can buy cheaper in Polish stores this week.


  • Pampers diapers- For packaging of Pampers Active Baby Gigant diapers in any size you pay in Carrefour PLN 59.95.
  • Huggies diapers- You can save as much as PLN 20 by buying Huggies Super Dry Mega-128 pcs diapers at Tesco. Until now, you had to pay PLN 79.99 for them.
  • Happy diapers- The price of Bella Happy Big Pack diapers has been reduced in Auchan. Now you will pay PLN 43.99 instead of PLN 34.99 for any packaging and you will get free handkerchiefs from the same company.
  • Moisturizing wipes- Four packets of Pampers Baby fresh wipes in Real 19.95 PLN.


  • porridge- In Carrefour, buying 3 packages of Nestle porridges (230g, various types) you will pay PLN 21.88 and you will also receive a free fourth package. At Tesco, you spend only PLN 7.73 on two BoboVita rice porridges (2x180g) (second pack for half the current price). You will pay more, because PLN 7.89 for an identical set in Real.
  • Juices, nectars, drinks- At Tesco, 300ml Bobo Frut juices and nectars cost PLN 2.99. In Real you will pay PLN 2.69 for the bottle. Even less, because you spend 2.65 PLN in Auchan.
  • Milk- You will receive 1.2 kg Bebilon milk packaging at Carrefour for PLN 42.49 / item. At the Polo Market, the amount you had to spend on Nestle Nan 350g milk has been reduced by 28% to PLN 11.99. However, you will pay PLN 13.99 for a pack of Gerber milk of identical weight.
  • desserts- 190g jars with various types of Hipp children's desserts you can buy at Carrefour for PLN 4.49. On the other hand, Tesco BoboVita 125g desserts are covered by the promotion - when you buy 2 pieces at a price of 5.58 PLN, you get the third one for free. In the Polo Market you spend 4.79 PLN on a double packaging of desserts.
  • Dinners and dishes- Buying any Hipp BIO series dish in Tesco in a 250g jar, you save PLN 1.50 and pay PLN 6.49 at the checkout.


  • vehicles- Colorful running bikes for kids who like sports are available at Carrefour for PLN 119 per item. You pay only PLN 24.99 for a scooter, while a three-wheeled bicycle with a basket, available in 3 colors, costs PLN 89.99.
  • Supportive activity- You can buy a badminton set, consisting of two wooden paddles with aileron at Carrefour for PLN 7.99. Fantastic inflatable goal with two balls, which you will get in the promotion in Real at a price 10 PLN lower, i.e. 79.99 PLN, will please every young fan who is looking forward to the first Euro 2012 games.
  • Blocks- In Real, the price of the Mega Bloks set has been reduced from PLN 49.95 to PLN 22.95. You will pay PLN 14.99 for Biedronka for wooden train-shaped puzzles.
  • Playground- A closed sandpit in the form of a shell, which you can buy at Carrefour for PLN 49.99, will provide your children with many amazing ideas for creative play. Young scouts will probably enjoy the colorful tent, available in the same supermarket at PLN 19.99, which they will be able to pitch in the backyard garden.


  • Toilet- Charming potties that will help your kids forever say goodbye to the diaper at Carrefour for PLN 10.99 each. You can also choose an overlay (PLN 19.99) or step-stel (PLN 22.99).


  • Footwear- Wellingtons for girls and boys have been discounted at Tesco (sizes from 21 to 32). You will pay PLN 30 for a pair of shoes (current price: PLN 41). Colorful sneakers in Real now cost PLN 10 less, i.e. PLN 29.99.
  • Pants, leg warmers- Two pairs of girls' cotton gaiters are an expense in Biedronka in the amount of PLN 24.99.

Promotion duration:

Carrefour 18.04- 23.04
Tesco 19.04- 25.04
Real 19.04- 25.04
Polo Market 18.04-24.04
Auchan 18.04-24.04
Biedronka 19.04- 25.04