Pharmaceris safe Protective face cream for children SPF50

If we want our toddler to be completely safe while playing in the sun, the safe choice is Pharmaceris safe cream. The SPF 50 filter provides very high protection against solar radiation.

The cream is recommended for daily care of the toddler's delicate skin from 1 day of life, so you can smear even a newborn's face with it. The manufacturer also recommends the cosmetic for atopic and allergy-prone skin, we tried it on such skin - the cream did not irritate or cause redness.

Everything probably because of it natural filterswhich contains cream. In the attached leaflet you can read that cream inhibits the tendency to allergies, irritation and itching in fact, there were no adverse reactions, as is usually the case when using this type of cosmetics. All you need is a small amount of cream spread on your face to make it work.

The cosmetics manufacturer Pharmaceris ensures that the cream can also be used in cold and wind conditions, I regret that I cannot check this function of the cosmetic, because if it really shielded the face well from the cold, it would be an irreplaceable cream for us.

The texture of the cream is very thick and hard to spread, so that no white remains of the cosmetic remain on the face, besides the cosmetic completely without flaws.

The price of PLN 45 per 50 ml packaging is quite high, but the quality of the cosmetic is worth it.

Overall rating: