Newborn shampoo: which one should you choose?

Most babies are born with or without delicate hair. However, there are also newborns who delight with lush hair. In their case, washing the head with bath oil alone may not be enough. Fortunately, there are products on the market for children from birth. They allow you to refresh your quickly sweating scalp and keep your toddler's hair in perfect condition.

Since when is children's shampoo?

Children are born different. some they have almost bald heads, other (which happens much less often) on the day of birth they delight with a lush hairstyle. Therefore, the answer to the question of when to use shampoo should be given in each case individually.

Generally, in the first weeks of life you can easily wash the whole body and head with a bath oil spread in water in the tub. When the hair is long and becomes thick (such are the few newborns and a large proportion of children around six months and older) you can reach for the first baby shampoo. It is important that he is well chosen. An unsuitable cosmetic can irritate the scalp, making it itch and even bake. It can also provoke a recurrence of cradle cap.

Emolium moisturizing shampoo

Emolium shampoo is a product hypoallergenic, is intended for children from the first days of life, can be used on the skin with AD and psoriasis. It's easy to spread (although it is transparent, which may disturb some people), it does not burn and does not irritate even very sensitive scalp. After washing, the Italian baby smells nice and is pleasantly soft. Unfortunately they become greasy quite quickly and need to be washed again. Before applying, you need to wet your head well, otherwise the shampoo foams poorly.

Plus for high performance: the shampoo has pleasant, thick consistency, minus, unfortunately, for price (about PLN 20 for 200 ml).

Emolium shampoo is free of salts and sulfates: SLES, SLS, sodium chloride. includes:

    • complex of NMF components - a natural moisturizing factor (urea, lysine, sodium salt of pyroglutamic acid, lactic acid) and alkylglycine, which ensure long-lasting hydration of the scalp,
    • Hydrotriticum WAA - a wheat amino acid complex that deeply penetrates damaged areas and permanently binds to the hair structure, rebuilding it.
    • Shea butter - complementary lipid deficiencies in the skin, preventing flaking of the epidermis.
    • panthenol - shows moisturizing properties, it also penetrates deeper layers of the skin. Gently soothes scalp irritations.