Head lice: choose the best treatment for your children

Treatments to eliminate head lice in children depend on the active principle of the product used, because some have created resistance and lice have become immune to some of them, of the repetition at 7 days of the indicated treatment with lotion and shampoo, and of the constancy in the revision of the children's hair.

Until now, permethrin has been the active principle of choice for the elimination of live lice. Its massive use and misuse of it, for example, without repetitions after 7 days, has created resistance in lice to this substance. As an alternative, phenothrin or phenothrin has emerged, another effective active ingredient, with less age, which currently does not present as many resistance and has a high filmicidal power to eliminate adult lice. Phenothrin is a pediculicide from the group of synthetic pyrethrins.

Eliminating lice with treatments that promise to achieve it in a single application may seem like a utopia, if we know the life cycle of the lice. Both permethrin and phenothrin are effective in eliminating live lice, but their effectiveness is lower in the case of nits, that is, lice eggs, where these active ingredients do not penetrate. Therefore, the treatment to completely eliminate lice is to eliminate live or adult lice and nits to end the infestation once and for all. For this reason, any treatment should consist of 3 steps: removal of lice, removal of nits and repetition after 7 days.

1. Removal of lice. The first step is to apply a lotion, which contains the active ingredient, to the hair and scalp and leave it to act for at least 10 to 15 minutes with the plastic cap on. Avoid substituting a towel for the hat, as the fleece will absorb the product.

2. Removal of nits. Then wash the hair with the treatment shampoo for 3 to 5 minutes and rinse with plenty of water. Always dry in the air and without using a dryer to maintain the residual action of the product on the hair. If the product does not incorporate softening or conditioning agents, it is advisable to put one on the child's hair to avoid pulling when we use the flusher, which is a tightly barbed comb for the removal of nits and dead lice. When combing, it is advisable to carefully check the nape region and the back of the ears.

3. Repetition of treatment after 7 days. Let the lotion act again on the hair for a minimum of 10 to 15 minutes, covering the hair with a plastic cap. Wash and leave the shampoo to act for 3 to 5 minutes and rinse thoroughly. Use a scrubber to comb the hair, removing any nits and possible lice that are still in the hair. Check the hair afterwards to be sure you have finished the infestation.

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