Games for children to control their pee

If your child is four or five years old and still can't control his pee at night, maybe it's time to start playing with urine. No! I did not explain myself well, I know that it is not hygienic, I mean that peeing can be fun, as well as pleasant. Learning and exercising sphincters through play is the best way for our child to become aware of the functioning of this vital need.

At this age, it is not yet necessary for you to seek medical advice, but, although it is early to worry, we can begin to motivate and stimulate our little one, through games that will lead him to perform simple exercises to help him control his pee and free them from possible anxiety. For the child, life is a game, why not take advantage of it?

- Game to increase the functional capacity of the bladder: "Let's see how much you can hold your pee." We suggest that our son drink a larger amount of liquid, it can be his favorite juice and, when he feels like going to the bathroom, we suggest that they hold on while we count for a few seconds or distract them a bit with our comments or stories. Increase the waiting time progressively and congratulate him on his achievements.

- Game to strengthen the muscles involved in urination: "Cut the trickle." We propose to cut the jet, initially at the end of urination and we will advance the cut or we will make several during urination. It can be a lot of fun!

- Game to be aware and take responsibility for your body hygiene: 'Change clothes and put wet sheets in the washing machine' Children love to do the things of the grown-ups, so we will improve their responsibility, their autonomy.

- Game to get the child used to getting out of bed: "Pretend to be asleep and, in the dark, get up to empty your bladder" By repeating this game, you will surely integrate it into your habits and end up doing it at night as well. An action repeated many times is part of the habit.

After its completion, we must congratulate them on their achievements and their availability, the key to the success of these games is the fun that our little one gets with them and the motivation and self-esteem coming from our congratulations. We are sure to arouse your interest, provide happiness and encourage you to feel satisfied with your workouts and to achieve, more easily, not to pee at night. For this time, we will ignore that they play with the pee, don't you think?

Patro Gabaldon. Editor of our site

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