Babies with bronchiolitis were passive smokers during pregnancy

Babies with bronchiolitis were passive smokers during pregnancy

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Every May 31, WHO celebrates the World No Tobacco Day, a date that is dedicated to highlighting the health risks, in people of all ages, that are associated with tobacco consumption and to promote policies that can reduce consumption.

The tacaco constitutes a risk for adults who have the habit but also for children, even for those who are in their mother's womb. And the fact is that a study called 'Prenatal and postnatal passive smoking and bronchiolitis' by J. Cano Fernández has just been published, in which it is evident that more than 40% of the babies admitted with bronchiolitis were passive smokers during pregnancy.

Before knowing this study, I already knew of three children, children of smoking parents who have suffered more times than other children of the same age respiratory tract diseases such as bronchiolitis, and that even any cold forces them to be treated with bronchodilators . The mothers of these children smoked during pregnancy, their addiction was such that although they reduced consumption, they were unable to give up the habit.

This work is based on the study of 450 infants, 27.8% of the total were exposed to tobacco during pregnancy, and of these, 44% were admitted for bronchiolitis. The conclusion of the study is that smoking during pregnancy significantly increases the risk of bronchiolitis in infants, in addition to having more chances of getting respiratory tract infections during the first months of life.

This is not the only study in this regard, the work 'Risk factors associated with hospitalization for acute bronchiolitis in the postneonatal period' by Elaine P. Albernaz, reveals that the risk of hospitalizing a baby for this disease is 57% higher in babies exposed to tobacco smoke.

The theme for World No Tobacco Day 2013 is: 'Prepare for plain packaging'. A campaign that aims to reduce the demand for tobacco by avoiding the misleading packaging and labeling of cigarette packs and calling for them not to be used to advertise tobacco.

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