Animal riddles for kids

Do you want to play riddles? On our site we have selected a series of logic games for children. They are puzzles about animals for children to stimulate their ability to reason.

Riddles are a perfect entertainment for children since in addition to playing, they learn and stimulate their abilities and skills.

1. What animals always carry tools with them?

2. What animals eat with their tails?

3. Which fish do you have to give a compliment to to be able to fish.

4. What animal is movable and is it an animal?

5. What animal is always wet?

6. Three half flies plus one fly, how many are flying?

7. Why do storks curl up a leg to sleep?

8. What animal has a green face?

Solutions: Are you sure you want to look at the answers now? Give it a few more laps before giving up ... they are very easy!

1. Birds: they always wear their beaks.

2. Everyone who has a tail ... they don't take it off to eat!

3. To the mullet (sal-monete).

4. The chameleon (bed-lion).

5. The cod (va-'calao ')

6. One fly, half flies don't fly.

7. Because if they shrink they would both fall.

8. The snail (cara-col).

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