Divorce and children

The number of divorces and separations has stopped increasing in recent years. Probably as a consequence of the economic crisis. However, if couples continue to live under the same roof just for money reasons, the problem is still there, moreover, children may be living in an environment of tension and coldness between parents that can have consequences on their behavior.

Sometimes, it is better for the couple to separate, to continue living conflictive coexistence situations, which negatively affect their children. This could be the case of children who are experiencing adverse situations, for example, constant fights, arguments that end in abuse or problems with alcoholism or drugs. If the example of their father and / or mother is not the most appropriate, surely it will be more beneficial for them if their parents separate.

It is proven that the child suffers much more in situations where the parents are unhappy together, than when they decide to live apart. Children want to feel that their parents are happy. It is important to consider that, when making the decision to separate, the relationship with the children is first analyzed, the changes that they may undergo and, above all, that their decision does not affect or compromise the basic needs of the children. The children together will continue to need love, care, attention, support and understanding.

Although separated, the couple will never stop being parents to their children. It cannot be forgotten that children have basic rights and needs such as food, shelter, health care, education and clothing. Meeting basic child support needs is critical to their development.

On the other hand, children will only feel safe if there is a climate of trust, respect and affection between their parents. Considering these children's rights, parents should offer an education based on values ​​such as optimism, responsibility and family, giving your children a civilized coexistence, inclusive and social. At the same time, the separated parents, each from his place, must continue to observe the behavior of their children and facilitate their company, not only during established visits.

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