Why should we avoid yelling at our children

Why should we avoid yelling at our children

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Even the most patient, calm, and collected person has at some point lost their temper over child misbehavior and has found themselves yelling at their children to scold them. We are human, mortal and imperfect, and no matter how well we try to do things, sometimes we go wrong. I suppose nobody likes to get angry and yell at their children, but what happens when this behavior is constant and the children are educated by shouting and bad manners.

Yesterday I took my children swimming and in the locker room, while the parents dressed the children, a mother yelled non-stop at her son for any reason: because his sock fell off, because he did not help to get dressed, because he was holding on with force ... Everything was cause for shouting, the rest of the parents looked at each other between scandalized and saddened. Perhaps that mother had a bad day, perhaps the child had been misbehaving all day, or perhaps, unfortunately, it was her way of treating him.

Sometimes parents apply educational models inherited from our parents. And, if some of them were treated with an iron fist, they use the same strategy and do not understand that the treatment and education of children could be otherwise. On other occasions the stress or frustration of the parents end up paying the weakest, the children.

However, all pedagogues and child psychologists agree on this point: to get the child to obey and behave well, it is not necessary to humiliate, yell or use verbal violence.

What will happen if we constantly yell at our children to scold them ?:

- Raising the tone at some point may cause its effect, but if this is constant, the child will get used, the shouting will not have the effect that the father intends and will go from exercising authority with his children to authoritarianism.

- The constant use of the scream can lead to the deterioration of the child's self-esteem, who will not feel valued or loved by his parents or, on the contrary, can become a rebel, constantly challenging authority.

- Parents are an example for their children, aggressive behavior will have a direct impact on the child, who will adopt this behavior and will also get used to yelling and having aggressive behaviors. Then he will use them with friends, acquaintances or even against parents.

- Will only cause a state of nerves and stress in the child that will not be anything beneficial for their development.

And now, stop and think, are you one of those who yells a lot or too much at your children? It may be time to try another path, and you may find that it is much more effective.

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