An attractive, healthy and inexpensive diet for children

I think that it is not necessary for us to be experts in cooking to ensure that the daily menu that we offer our children is balanced and economical at the same time. With a pinch of ingenuity, will and imagination you can prepare varied and nutritious dishes, even in families with tighter budgets. The key lies in the ideas that we have and that we can share with other parents.

In the kitchen of my house, we have a motto: Nothing is thrown away, everything is transformed. Food, well chosen according to the season, well prepared and combined, can make children more attracted to food and not bored by always eating the same thing. In addition, they can participate and give ideas to develop the menu. The first thing you can do is plan a weekly menu according to the budget, needs and tastes of your family. You can get the most out of a basic food basket. Ideas are not lacking.

- With a potato, a carrot and an onionIt can be made from a simple cream or puree, to an omelet or cake if you add eggs, or simply a soup if you add chicken broth, for example. Ideal for a first course or for a tasty garnish.

- With the vegetables of the seasonYou can either make creams, soups, purees, cold salads, Russian salad, cakes (if you add eggs), a vegetable paella (if you add rice and meat, chicken or fish broth), pasta with vegetables, or simply vegetables to the grilled or battered.

- With a handful of cooked lentils, beans or chickpeas, it can be whipped and transformed into a cream, as well as cooked with vegetables and meats, or it can even be combined with vinaigrette for a cold salad. It can also be mixed with white rice.

- With chicken meat you can make endless ideas. Roasted whole or chunky chicken, chicken risotto (with rice), grilled or breaded chicken fillets, chicken with vegetables or in sauce. Ideal for a second course or single dish. In addition, both versions can be transformed into soup, cream or puree, or croquettes (with leftovers) for dinner. The same with red meat and fish.

- With the eggs, I can come up with a lot of suggestions. Stuffed eggs, fried, eggs in an omelette, boiled, fried or poached eggs. Mixed with other foods you can also get very attractive dishes.

- Pasta it is also very versatile. After cooking, it can be combined with garlic, vegetables, seafood, pieces (leftovers) of grilled chicken or fish, with tuna, etc.

- Fruit is the dessert par excellence. Whole, cut and varied in a fruit salad, or accompanied by yoghurts or chocolate cream, the children will love it. You can also make homemade ice cream and juices with them.

I know these ideas are very basic, but it's always good to remember them because there are days when we go into the kitchen and put our hands to our heads without knowing what to prepare food for the children, right?

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