Recycling crafts for kids with boxes

Recycling crafts for kids with boxes

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Recycling is one of the most important values ​​that we can teach our children. Caring for the planet is everyone's responsibility, but above all so that they, in the future, can continue to contribute to this work.

Cardboard boxes are an ideal material to make recycling crafts while helping to take care of the environment. Surely at home you have many to start having fun with your children.

We must educate children from a young age, either at home or at school, and one of the simplest and most entertaining ways to do it is with these crafts for children with recycled materials, perfect for World Recycling Day or any occasion.

Use these box recycling craft ideas to make homemade costumes for kids, eco toys, decorations for your room, princess castles or cars can be made with simple and recycled materials.

Use these box recycling craft ideas to make homemade costumes for kids, eco-friendly toys, decorations for their room, princess castles or cars can be made with simple and recycled materials.

Jewelry box with boxes. Jewelry box made with matchboxes from our site. Easy homemade craft to make gifts for Mother's Day or for a birthday for mom or grandma. Cardboard crafts to do with children.

Doll with cheese box. On our site we teach you how to make an original drum doll for children to make with recycled material. With this children's craft your children will be able to build their own musical instrument and spend great time making music with the drum doll.

Castle with boxes. How to make a castle out of a cardboard box. All children enjoy the stories of princes and princesses who live in castles ... and now, thanks to this simple cardboard castle children's craft, they can live their adventures.

Theater with boxes. Creative activities reinforce the development of children's imaginations, so we recommend this craft for children of the theater with a box of cereals.

Rubik's cube costume. Dressing up is an experience for children, a very original costume is this Rubik's cube craft for children, with a cardboard box you will have the most original costume. How to make a Rubik's cube costume

Magazine rack with boxes. With children at home it is normal that there is always some disorder, but we can remedy it with crafts for children as fun and useful as this magazine rack made with a recycled cereal box.

Robot costume. The costumes are very fun for children, they do not miss the opportunity to put them on and you can make them at home with children's crafts such as this recycled robot costume with cardboard boxes.

Decorated box. Craft for children to make a decorated box. Organizing children's toys can be quite an odyssey, but it can be more fun with this children's box craft decorated with cardboard and felt.

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