10 names of Celtic origin for boys

If you still don't have a name for your baby, we want to propose ten ideas of names of Celtic origin, used in towns on the Iberian Peninsula, especially in Asturias and Galicia, and in a large part of Europe such as France, Belgium or Great Britain.

Celtic names They tend to have meanings related to nature and battles, and they are melodious, which is why they are becoming more and more fashionable among newborns.

1. Aidan. Aidan was an Irish saint and means 'little fire'.

2. Alano. This name refers to the name of an ancient nomadic people originally from Scythia. It was popularized by some saints, including: Bishop of Quimper, venerated in French Brittany during the Middle Ages.

3. Arthur. A very popular name that means 'Guardian of the Bear', referring to the constellation although it is also interpreted at other times as 'Strong Bear' or 'Noble Bear'. One of the most famous personages with this name was King Arthur.

4. Brian. Brian's name means 'strong' or 'one who has great strength'. This name is quite common in English-speaking countries. Among the celebrities who have this name we can highlight the singer Brian Adams.

5. Dilan. This name means 'impetuous man', 'charming of women' and also 'loyal as a lion'. In the 90s it became very fashionable thanks to one of the protagonists of the television series 'Sensation of living'.

6. Donaldo. This Celtic name means 'he who leads his people in a bold way'.

7. Elbio. Elbio's name refers to the one 'who comes from the mountain'.

8. Erwin. A beautiful Celtic name whose meaning refers to the one who is 'consistent with honors and is also a friend of the sea'.

9. Hervé. This name, Hervé, refers to the fighter worthy of battle. It is a very common name in France and it is also the name of a 6th century priest, highly revered in Brittany.

10. Mael. Mael refers to the 'chief or prince'. It is the name that the singer Raquel del Rosario has chosen for her second child.

Cristina González Hernando. Editor of our site

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