Having a child after age 40. You dare?

And why not? It is becoming increasingly common, especially among famous people, the announcement of a pregnancy at 45 years of age. Women who decide to get pregnant at this age are not alone because there are already many women who have decided to have children after 40.

If well-known actresses such as Salma Hayek, Halle Berry, Kim Basinger, and Ángela Molina, entered this adventure, despite the risks involved, and why not?

You are over 40 years old and you are going to be a mother. You are excited, but worried at the same time. You may be the same age your grandmother was happy to have you. In addition, you are concerned about the changes that you will experience in your body, your time, the reconciliation of child and work, the medical control you will undergo, if the baby is going to be born healthy, the possibilities of abortion, childbirth, and everything else. Sure, and it is not for less. The risks grow with age.

On the other hand, this is not the time to despair. Being a mother at 40 also has its advantages. For some special reason, you have delayed your moment of being a mother, and now what you must do is enjoy your condition and the baby you are expecting. And dive into the world of care and needs that you must consider and accept. You will begin to familiarize yourself with words like Amniocentesis, Folic Acid, Kegel exercises, Braxton Hicks contractions, alternative births, ultrasounds, just like any other expectant mother.

You will go crazy with the weight you will gain, with possible insomnia or some stretch marks, with some limitations that may arise. But there is nothing that is not controlled with will, with relaxation, experience yoga, with a shopping trip for the future baby, and with putting a dose of enthusiasm in anticipation of your baby.

A life smiles at you, and soon it will begin to move within you. If you are 30 and over or 40 and over, I recommend Mom at 40, a book by Margarita Puig, a complete guide about pregnancy, month by month, and all the information for you to have a more bearable pregnancy.

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