Time for mom

7 things you don't do when you're tired

Tiredness is a typical feeling for parents. They are difficult to compare with anything else. Sleepless nights, a problem with patience, consistency, a response to the child's difficult behavior ... All this does its work. No wonder that there are often times when nothing makes sense and when you only dream of a moment of peace.

Important decisions

When you feel that you are falling from your feet and your body is not listening to you, ignoring your requests for a moment of focus, do not be tempted to make important decisions. This is not the best time for a serious talk with your boss about a raise, or honest discussions with your partner, whose goal is to reach a compromise on issues important to you. Even if the dates are chasing, rest and only when you regenerate at least a bit, return to important matters. Tiredness, need for sleep and anger are not the best adviser.

Difficult conversations

When fatigue falls, it is easy to be irritable. You lose your inner balance faster and respond to snags. Therefore, instead of entering into unnecessary discussions, it is worth cutting them off at the very beginning, not allowing too far-reaching development of the situation. It is best to clearly state that we are tired and we will return to the conversation when we regenerate.

Cheating the body

Cheating the body with stimulants is of little use. Coffee will help for a while, but just after the stimulation period, fatigue falls again and it is felt even more than before.

Such cheating of the body in the comfort of home can at most end up with a nap on the floor, but outside it is definitely more dangerous, because it is a step away from sleeping vigilance behind the wheel or while playing in the park. Just a moment, that toddler "goes alone for a walk" and unfortunately the trouble is ready.

Therefore, if you feel that you really can't do it, just let it go and rest. It's the best you can do for yourself and your child.