Parental hits

Bib with pocket Canpol "Sun and Moon"

The bib is rather necessary gadget with a baby eating. For some, it is enough to put a tetras under the chin, while others cannot imagine feeding without a bib. So far, we have tested many bibs, cotton, plastic, plastic, oilcloth and even an apron, but one particularly deserved our recognition.

The Sun and Moon bib has been an obvious hit so far.

At first glance you can see that it is larger than standard bibs, not only covers the breasts of the baby, but also the tummy, which with a small fidget is a great convenience.

Front bib it is covered with a fairly strong oilclothwhich, just after getting dirty, just lightly wipe with a cloth, so you will avoid washing and constant staining. In addition, the manufacturer placed in front pocketthat food may fall into, rather than the baby's feet as usual.

The pocket is fastened on the sides with Velcro, to facilitate cleaning the bib of food debris. The back of the bib is lined with a nice soft terry, so it does not cause any discomfort to the child while eating. The bib is fastened with Velcro at the neck, it is easy to both put on and take off.

Canpol has been tempted to produce two color versions - blue - Moon and pink - Sunshine, so every child will find something for themselves.

Price of a bib about 15-20 PLN.

Does the bib have flaws? In general, I did not notice them, although I regret that it cannot be machine washed, because when the back of the cotton bib gets dirty, you must wash it by hand.