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Mommy, how beautiful you are - feet care

Mommy, how beautiful you are - feet care

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Well-groomed feet are the business card of every woman. Sometimes we forget about their care, which results in rough, cracked skin on the heels and yellowed nails. Meanwhile, you don't need much effort to keep your feet neat and looking healthy.
How to take care of your feet? Here are a few steps that will make them healthy and beautiful.

Step 1 Soaking

Soaking your feet in the evening after a full day of duties he is the best form of relaxation. The water should be lukewarm (hot is used to warm up the feet) with the addition of a special refreshing liquid to soak the feet (e.g. Ziaja). It will work just as well sea ​​salt, kitchen salt or sage infusion. Soaking should last about 15 minutes, during which time we can relax with your favorite magazine or newspaper.

Step 2 Exfoliation

Dipped feet we wipe thoroughly with a towel. Then using special grater, we remove keratinized skin from the whole feet especially around the heel. At the beginning we use a grater with a thicker texture, and finally we align the whole with a grater with a finer texture.

When there is a lot of dead skin, you can "cut" it with an omega (it is equipped with a cutting razor) However, attention after such treatment, the epidermis keratises faster and you need to exfoliate it more often.

Step 3 Peeling

To fully smooth the feet, we massage them with a special one foot scrub. You can buy a ready peeling designed specifically for the feet (e.g. Bielenda) or use sea salt or coffee grounds for this purpose. The next step is to thoroughly massage both the top and bottom of the feet. At the end of everything wash and dry with a towel.

Step 4 Nail adjustment

The next fairly important element is shortening of the nail plate, remember to always cut your nails straight, because rounding can contribute to the ingrown skin. We also gently cut the cuticle nipples or remove them from the nail with a wooden stick. Align the shape of the nail with a glass or paper file, finally we lightly saw the whole tile for better susceptibility to varnish.

Step 5 Moisturizing

Feet after bathing and exfoliation are dry and need it good hydrationso we rub the right cream into them. We use a special foot cream (e.g. Scholl), but hand cream will also be effective. Generally, to keep your feet beautiful all the time, and when we don't have time for soaking and exfoliation every day, it is worth patting at least a little cream on the feet every day and putting on cotton socks. When the feet are very dry, cover them with a thick layer of cream and wrap in cling film for about 30-40 minutes.

Step 6 Decorating

Even if the cream has absorbed well into the skin, you need nails degrease with a cleaner. To make painting easier, put a special separator between your fingers (you can also use cotton pads).

Nail plates are best covered the right base (e.g. Avon) or ordinary clear nail polish - this will prevent nail yellowing and discoloration from dark nail polish. Then we paint the nails with the chosen color - preferably twice to strengthen its intensity and durability.

At the end cover the nails with a hardener (e.g. Eveline) so that the varnish dries faster and stays on the plate longer. To make the nails look beautiful and healthy, we cover the cuticles around the nails with a special oil (e.g. Sally Hansen) or use cotton buds dipped in baby oil (e.g. Bambino).