Causes for going to the hospital during pregnancy

Most pregnancies develop normally and do not constitute risk pregnancies. In any case, it will help any pregnant woman to know the possible complications that may arise to avoid major problems.

There are certain signs and symptoms that warn of an abnormality during pregnancy and are a reason to go to the emergency department of your hospital.

When in doubt as to whether something is normal or not, it is recommended to see a doctor or an emergency room to rule out possible complications. Many times out of fear or embarrassment that the doctor says it's nothing You do not go to hospital services, but it is recommended to be cautious and move if something does not seem normal. In any case, these are the symptoms that something is not working well during pregnancy:

- Vaginal bleeding: It is normal for there to be slight bleeding after sexual intercourse or an examination by the gynecologist, however, if the bleeding is abundant and of an intense red color it is advisable to receive medical attention as soon as possible. It is possible that if the pregnancy continues, they will recommend complete rest.

- Contractions: They should not be confused with Braxton-Hicks contractions, which are those in which the pain disappears with movement or changing position and which only indicate that the cervix is ​​maturing. If the contractions are painful, do not give way to rest and you have not yet reached the final stretch of pregnancy, it is advisable to go to the hospital.

Premature rupture of the bag of waters: in normal pregnancies it usually occurs at the end of pregnancy or even during the period of dilation. If the rupture occurs in weeks prior to the due date or the fluid that comes out is green, it is important to go to have the baby's condition checked as there could be fetal distress.

Lack of baby movements: from the moment you notice the baby's kicks, you will have to be attentive that every day you perceive the fetal movements. If you do not notice them, take chocolate, rest for a while or take some sugary food to activate it. Without these measures you still do not notice that it moves, go to the emergency room to check the baby's condition.

Severe vomiting: If the feeling of nausea and vomiting is very intense and you do not tolerate any food or drink, it is necessary that you go to a consultation to rule out other complications and that they can treat you to avoid dehydration.

Fever: fever above 38º is a reason for consultation, especially when it does not respond to a cold or cold.

Headache: Pregnant women are very prone to headaches, but if these are very painful and do not give way with pain relievers, go to your emergency department as it could be associated with a rise in blood pressure and this is a complication of pregnancy.

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