Change of seasons. Children's Stories

Change of seasons. Children's Stories

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This tale tells how the seasons change to go from summer to fall and from this to winter and then to spring, all with the help of a little magic...

Larisa had been born in September, the dawn when summer and autumn went hand in hand. For this reason, being a girl halfway between the sun and the rain, Larisa was cheerful and resplendent, but also thoughtful, nostalgic and sometimes a bit weepy.

Larisa liked to tan in the sun and walk in the rain. She liked ice cream and hot soups, plaid blankets and ruffled bathing suits. The heat and the cold. Summer and fall. September.

That is why the year Larisa turned 8 she received a very special gift. Do not think that mom or dad did it to him, but the old neighbor of the first. It was a crystal ball with a miniature city inside.

- The city inside is ours. Shake it up!

And as she did so, Larisa watched in surprise as the city was not filled with snow but with a rain of colored leaves.

- Is beautiful! Thanks a lot.

- It's not just gorgeous. It is also magical.

- Magical?

- Of course. It is the ball of the changes of seasons. Only someone who was born between one season and another can have it.

- And what can I do with it? - asked Larisa incredulously.

- Use it wisely. Every time you shake this ball three times in a row, the season will change.

Larisa shook the ball three times and watched in wonder as the small colored leaves covered the miniature city. Suddenly a loud crash scared her.

- What was that?

- A storm. It's going to start to rain.

- But it was an impressive sun. How is it possible?

- Because you've shaken the magic ball three times. This ball controls the stations and now you are its guardian.

- Me? But if I'm just a girl ...

- But only people born between seasons can have it. I was born between winter and spring and you between summer and fall.

- It's fine. I will keep the magic ball. I'll only shake it three times when the seasons change.

And so he did. Every three months, in all the seasons, Larisa would take her magic ball and shake it three times. Then, I watched excitedly as the sky changed color and gave way to a new season. From fall to winter, from winter to spring, from spring to summer, from summer to fall and all over again. One year. And other. And other…

The seasons went by and Larisa ended up becoming a clueless old woman whose memories were gradually fading. First he forgot to feed his cat, and the poor man had to find another owner. Then he forgot to pay his electricity bills and ended up living in the dark. By last, he forgot that magic ball that changed the seasons.

And so it is now: time is chaos. One day it rains and the next it is terrifyingly hot. Suddenly the winter cold comes and immediately a delicious spring wind blows. Haven't you noticed?

She is the old Larisa who shakes her magic ball three times without really knowing why. He does not remember anything. Just know that expect someone who was born between one season and another.

A boy or a girl who is half spring, half summer. Half autumn, half winter. Something like that…

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