When the baby's Rh factor is incompatible with that of the mother

When the baby's Rh factor is incompatible with that of the mother

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For those who do not know Rh factor is a protein found in red blood cells of a person. If a baby is born with Rh positive that means that it is a carrier of this protein, otherwise it will be negative. What can happen if the baby's Rh factor is discordant with that of the mother?

Eight out of ten people are Rh positive. When an Rh negative woman and an Rh positive man conceive a child, the baby is more likely to be Rh +, although it may be Rh-. Rh incompatibility It is not a problem when it comes to a first pregnancy since, unless there is some type of abnormality, the blood of the fetus does not enter the mother's circulatory system during pregnancy.

However, during labor, the mother's blood and the baby's blood can intermix.. In this case, the baby affected by HR incompatibility should be monitored. Observe if there is not a drop in the number of red blood cells since this can cause anemia or jaundice (an increase in bilirubin in the blood that provides yellow color to the skin), in the baby.

Before, HR incompatibility was a very serious problem. Today, happily, there are very effective treatments. With good prenatal care, there will be no complications. Generally, when a woman with the potential to develop Rh incompatibility is pregnant, she can receive Rh immune globulin injections during the first pregnancy.

The first by week 28, while the second 72 hours after delivery. Rh immune globulin acts as a vaccine to stop the mother's body from making dangerous Rh antibodies that can cause serious problems in the newborn or complicate future pregnancies. That is why it is important that when you get pregnant, start with prenatal consultations as soon as possible.

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