When is it necessary to do the IQ test in children

Many parents can have a gifted child at home and have not realized it. Or, on the contrary, they believe that it is because they have come from school with the result of the test they took where it says that it is very intelligent (although this type of test that is done in a group is unreliable).

Actually, what use is a test that measures IQ? In which cases is it advisable to do so?

There are ways to know and understand the capabilities of a child, for example, trying to assess the ease and speed with which the child solves logical problems or perceives similarities between different situations.

Playing these types of games can provide us with indicators to ask ourselves questions: Does the child need special education? Is the child gifted and is adapted teaching needed? These are some of the cases in which the IQ test is performed in children:

- Suspecting that he may be gifted.

- Faced with an obvious delay in learning.

- With a suspicion of child hyperactivity.

- To check the effects of a trauma to the head.

It is from these questions that we can ask for a more complete evaluation of the child's intelligence by asking a specialist (pedagogue or psychologist) to perform the IQ test, after consulting the school.

Intelligence is difficult to measure, so to be reliable they must be performed by professionals, otherwise it can do a lot of damage to both self-esteem and expectations of the child.

This type of test they are only necessary in special circumstances. And the results they give will have very important consequences.

For this reason, the type of tests that can be found online or those that are done in massive groups without controlled circumstances are not reliable. In the case of having to do it, it should always be with a specialist psychologist.

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