Children who get up a lot at night

Children who get up a lot at night

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Just as there are children who go to bed without problems and spend the night without any kind of shock, there are those who refuse to go to bed when the time comes or who constantly leave the room, both after bedtime and during the night. What to do to fix it?

Before putting any type of remedy, it is important to know why. What makes the child wake up in the middle of the night and demand the attention of the parents? It is not the same that the child is afraid, that he wakes up the parents with demands such as that he wants to have the light on or that they accompany him to the bathroom to pee. It is not the same when it comes to a baby as if it happens to a child.

The night is a delicate time, especially when the baby or the child leaves the parents' room to sleep in their own space. During the first nights, the baby could alternate the periods of sleep with those of wakefulness and look for the mother, not finding her by his side as before, you may not feel safe or secure and not get deep sleep. The baby will cry and want the mother to be by his side. It is here when many mothers despair since they thought that their children would sleep more hours in a row when they grew up and they discover that it is the opposite. These cases cannot be treated as insomnia, bad habit or a mistake in their education. It is just a behavior that will disappear as the baby gets older.

The most common causes are night terrors or nightmares that usually occur in children between 3 and 6 years old. The cause of these terrors is unknown but it is believed that they may be related to moments of stress and anxiety in children.

An illness, excitement after a holiday, a change in time or a bad day can cause the child to have a restless sleep and wake up often during the night.

There is no single measure that works for all children, but there are strategies that can be put into practice:

- Eliminate little by little, everything that your child 'needs' to sleep: the pacifier, the mother's company, the light on ... Because if she wakes up at night and cannot find them in their place, she will get up and go to the parents' side to demand attention.

- Be firm and confident before a decision. If yours is that the child does not sleep with you, do not give in because he will not understand why some days yes and others not. Accompany him to his bed, give him a kiss and a caress and whisper soothing words. Go back to the room and stick with this decision even if you have to get up several times.

- Positive reinforcement: praise and reward the child the fewer times he gets up. You can even create an incentive box with a reward system until you achieve your goal.

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