Two and a half year old baby

With two and a half years the child already coordinates his movements very well and during this stage they will begin to eat with the utensils themselves. Meat, fish, cereals, legumes, eggs ... are already part of their diet.

At that age, the baby does not stop. It is always on the move. Learn to skip with both feet at the same time and is able to walk only with the tip of them. He loves doing cartwheels and is attracted to the tricycle, the bicycles, the water in the pool. The baby needs stimulation.

You can hold your attention for longer and longer periods of time. He loves that I tell him stories, puppetry and the puppets. At home, get to see a animated cartoon on television. And get fun assembling and disassembling the toys and even assemble a puzzle.

At this stage, the baby makes his debut as an "actor." Imitates everything that the adults around him do He begins to imitate a telephone conversation, to feed his dolls, and to drive imaginary cars.

It is a stage rich in creativity and imagination. He is more aware of himself as a person independent from others, that is why he begins to refer to himself by his name or by using family names.

He walks without help and already starts to run, and if he can be with his toys, all the better. He likes to play with other children and is more Independent. He likes to be allowed his space, that the child does not feel overwhelmed either.

Although she loves to hang out with other babies, she still has feelings of selfishness Y possession, especially, with his mother. At this stage, jealousy arises, his mother is his, and he does not see her with another child, because he will get angry. But he loves to play with the dolls and take them for a walk in his pushchair.

Likewise, the anal stage also begins. You will seek pleasure in controlling the bowel movement. He will do experiments that hone his sensitivity. You will also start talking more. The stage of words and even phrases is released. The dialogue will be enriching.

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