How to protect children from thunderstorms

The overwhelming sound of thunder. The flash of lightning illuminating an entire room. That ray that falls and splits in the sky as if it were the deep root of a tree. Thunderstorms are fascinating for some children and terrifying for many others. In fact, the most normal thing is that the little ones are somewhat afraid of them. And in part, they are right. Yes, It may be a beautiful sight, but it is not without risks.

It is estimated that each day there are about 44,000 storms that generate eight million lightning strikes around the world. And the rays, although they seem beautiful to us, they are a real threat.

If it is true that many children are scared, others are struck by it and watch the thunderstorm as if it were a wonderful spectacle. However, in certain locations, lightning can become a potential hazard. Far from the city, there are no lightning rods, and you should know that the trees and the sea are one of the focuses that most attract them. In addition, lightning can reach up to a radius of 20 kilometers from the place where the storm is occurring. You may contemplate the spectacle from the shore of the beach, thinking that it is far from reaching you, and be terribly wrong.

The chances of being struck by lightning are much higher in rural and open areas than in large cities. But in all cases, you must follow a series of precautionary rules to protect your children. Here are some tips:

- If you want to climb a mountain with your children, do it first thing in the morning. Most storms break out after 4pm. Do not go to the top of the mountain in a storm.

- Yes you notice tingling skin or standing on end, is that the storm is near and the air is charged with electricity. If you are on a mountain try to go down but do not run. When you run, you create turbulence in the air that can attract lightning.

- Never take shelter from the storm under the tallest trees. You can do it under a group of several small trees.

- Do not take refuge in isolated houses in the middle of the field or in tents ..

- The safest way to protect yourself in squat.

- Don't let your children look out the window.

- Get away from the fireplace and do not make fire during the storm.

- Postpone bathing the children if the storm has started.

- Do not use electrical appliances in the house while the storm lasts, much less if you are in open spaces outdoors. If you are in the field or the beach, unplug the mobile phone and get rid of all metal material that you carry.

- Do not stay on the beach before the arrival of a storm.

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Video: Extremely Strong night Lightning Storm over Prague (December 2021).