Jump rope. A healthy and fun game for children

'I invite you to what? At a coffee, at what time? At three '... that's how one of the songs we used to jump rope at school began when we were little. We sweated our shirts jumping like frogs and kangaroos ...

Jump rope is, in addition to one of the most popular and fun games, a great physical exercise, ideal for children's health and fun times.

Without knowing it, it turns out that these games we played in the schoolyard with a simple ropeThey were one of the most complete physical exercises. Its practice has great benefits for our little ones and even for us. Jumping rope can be a strenuous exercise for an adult, but accompanied by a song or an invitation, it becomes a really stimulating game for our children who, without thinking about it, end up jumping drenched in sweat and breathing between wheezing. A rope is a perfect activity to share with friends and to enjoy outdoors.

Jumping rope is a very complete physical exerciseBesides being fun, it's a great way to burn calories and have a good physical background. It also helps our children to have better coordination of arms and legs, and greater balance, speed and agility. Jump with legs together, alternate, running while the arms move in coordination, uff, I'm tired just thinking about it! and yet they never tire of hitting the string while singing, exercising all the muscles of the body.

I encourage you to buy a rope for your children (if they do not already have it), in a cheap and fun way you will get your child to strengthen his cardiovascular system, have resistance and flexibility in the muscles and to improve his ability to coordinate hands, eyes. and feet; achieve a good spatial orientation and have a sense of rhythm (since they have to adapt the speed of the jump to the song). Jumping to jump may seem tired and boring, but when it is part of children's play, rope is a magnificent and fun tool to combat the risk of a sedentary life to which we are forced many times and that can lead our children to suffer obesity. So jump in!

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