5 mistakes when removing wax from children's ears

In matters of child hygiene, there are many areas of the body of children that are very delicate. One of them is the one that has to do with the ears, places where wax can accumulate that must be removed. So as not to fail at the time of remove ear wax of the kids, warns us of the 5 most common mistakes made by parents when removing it.

1. Ear buds. Although it is the remedy that is most at hand at home, it is not recommended for the ears of adults, much less for children. Using a cotton swab incorrectly could cause the wax to get further inside, causing an infection, and preventing children from hear normally. If they are not used laterally to remove the cracks in the walls of the ear, it could be much worse for the plug, because it would get bigger.

2. Water injection. Although the water could soften the ear wax, bathing with a syringe or even a small funnel in this delicate area is not recommended. The eardrum could be affected and children could also suffer from otitis or another type of infection in the ear, which can be the most painful.

3. Ear candles. This is definitely the mistake more dangerous to remove ear wax of the kids. There is a popular belief that it has to do with lighting a candle as narrow as possible and putting it on the opposite side to the flame in the ear, in order to melt the earwax and remove more impurities. This myth involves a great danger because the wax itself of the candle could damage the skin or leave remains inside the ear, cause other types of auditory burns and also cause problems with the eardrum.

4. Using fingernails or fingernails. Although in the first instance the wax that protrudes in children's ears can be easily removed with the fingertips or nails, this is a serious mistake. Not only is this a problem because the wax could get inside the ear causing a bigger plug, as with cotton buds, but it is also a unhygienic measure. An ear infection could be caused by not having properly disinfected the fingers before removing the wax from the child's ears, something that should never be done for health.

5. Do nothing. It is so bad to try to remove a wax plug with the wrong method, that the belief thatno need to remove wax. The myth that wax falls off on its own or it is not necessary to remove it because sooner or later it disappears is a big mistake that parents can make with children's ears. It is more advisable to look for a home remedy such as drops of virgin olive oil, than to allow the plug to impede the child's hearing capacity, believing that it is better not to carry out any medical advice.

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