How the baby's crib bumper should be

The protector is the piece that we place attached to the bars of the crib to prevent the baby from hitting and hurting himself.

Currently there are different opinions on whether its use is advisable or not. There are those who consider that it can be dangerous because they can be responsible for a case of suffocation in babies, although there is nothing proven. What is clear is that cushions, pillows or stuffed animals should never be left in the crib while the baby is inside as they are a risk to their health.

When you use a crib bumper you should take into account some tips:

1. Must be well attached to the crib: prevents it from being loose and there may be gaps in which the child can put a little foot or arm.

2. The restraint system must be secure: Avoid buttons and snaps that can come off and loose ties that the child can grab when they reach them and release them.

3. The padding should not be excessively soft or soft, it is preferable that its filling is firm and of good quality. With a not excessive thickness, with about 3-4 cm can be enough.

4. Decide on a removable protectorThis way you can wash the cover and keep it clean.

5. The tissue, as you can be in contact with the child, as always better cotton.

6. Avoid decorations with external elements or detachable parts.

7. Regarding the size, the head part must be equal to the width of the cradle. The length is usually three times the width. With 50-60 cm on the sides it is usually enough. Some manufacturers make standard models for different sizes of crib.

Regarding when to remove it from the crib, it is advisable to do it when the child can stand up and could climb on it. As always, your safety first.

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