How to apply sun creams to children

How to apply sun creams to children

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It may seem simple to us. However, many people incorrectly apply sunscreen to children. Maybe it's because of the rush, or the impatience of the little ones, often we forget important areas of the body, such as the ears or the instep from the feet.

We tell you how to apply sun cream to children so that it is effective and protects them safely from the sun.

The effectiveness of sunscreens depends on their correct application. With these tips you can protect your baby from solar radiation:

1. Cover all the skin spreading the cream. The correct way to apply sunscreen is by rubbing and spreading the cream well over all exposed body areas, especially the face, hands and feet. On the face, the cream should be applied through the nose, lips and ears, but never through the eyelids because the cream can enter the eyes and cause irritation. The eyelids should be protected with the use of sunglasses and a wide-brimmed hat.

2. Apply the cream 30 minutes before leaving home. Since the substances in sunscreen do not begin to work on the skin until 20 minutes after applying it, it is advisable to put it at home before going out. Avoid having your children put on the shirt immediately after applying it so that the cotton fabric does not absorb the cream. But above all, do not wait to get to the beach or the pool to put the cream on them because during the first half hour of sun exposure, burns usually occur.

3. Renew sunscreen every 2 hours. The usual frequency of renewal of sunscreen is every 2 hours, but since children are bathing frequently, playing with water and maintaining a lot of physical activity by constantly playing, renew their sunscreen every less time.

4. Apply sunscreen also on cloudy days. Although they seem like shady days, on cloudy days you also have to apply sunscreen, because solar radiation passes through the clouds.

5. Pay more attention to the most sensitive areas. The areas where the skin is thinner is the most prone to burning. Also the parts of the body that protrude, such as the shoulders and nose, the areas where most sunburns are concentrated.

6. Don't forget any zone.We gently spread the cream on the face, but sometimes we forget the area of ​​the instep of the feet, the knees and the ears. Don't forget them!

Source consulted:Spanish Association of Pediatrics (AEP).

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