Stories for children to control their urine

One of the great concerns that parents have when the child reaches the age in which he would supposedly already have to control the sphincters, his little one does not get it and that also, night after night, he urinates in the bed.

On our site we have made a selection of stories that you can read to your child and that they can understand what is happening to them, an important point so that the child can feel strong and face overcoming the enuresis.

Here you have a series of stories, some adaptations of traditional stories whose protagonists also happen: they wet the bed at night

Emperor's wet pajamas. Children's stories are a good tool that we can use to help children understand many things, such as bedwetting. With humor, drawings and different adventures, children can understand what is happening to them and how they have to act.

The little rabbit. With the support and understanding of parents, it is easier for a child to break the habit of wetting the bed every night and thus be able to play with his friends without fear or suspicion. Through children's stories, children can learn values ​​as well as behaviors to control urine.

The little house of the pee. What to do to get the child to stop wetting the bed at night? Among other things, it is necessary to dress with great patience and persistence to help the child who suffers from this problem. The little house of the pee is a beautiful story with which the children will understand why they should not pee on it.

The astronaut. It is easier for a child to solve the problem of enuresis and urinary incontinence, when he has the support and understanding of the parents. We offer a series of stories that can help children to avoid wetting the bed and to control their urine.

The antipis beans. I tell the children to stop peeing themselves. Anti-pee beans for children. our site proves that with effort and persistence it is possible to get the child to stop wetting the bed at night. Through stories, children can solve problems.

The Knights. Children's stories become a good tool for children to understand, from another angle, some health problems such as enuresis. The Knights is an ideal children's story to arouse children's interest in why they urinate on themselves.

Juan without pee. Bedwetting can affect any child, regardless of their social class, how old they are, or if they are more or less intelligent. The most important thing is to help the child overcome the problem instead of making fun of it. This story speaks that with courage you can overcome any problem,

Little red hen and her chick pees. A very sweet story that talks about how a mother hen teaches the other animals on the farm to help her children solve the problem of urinary incontinence. A tale about enuresis, a disorder that affects many children around the world.

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