10 tips to help your baby beat the heat

During hot months, the temperature can rise so much that it sometimes becomes unbreathable. Those who suffer the most from the heat are the elderly and children.

In We will tell you what you can do to help your baby relieve the heat of the environment so that he does not feel uncomfortable and can rest peacefully.

- Dress him in light clothing and avoid unnatural fabrics, such as lycra, which can make you sweat more. It is preferable to use cotton garments.

- You can take a nap or just sleep in diapers, bearing in mind that you should not sleep in an area with drafts.

- If the baby is breastfeeding, just breastfeed frequently to maintain a good level of hydration, from 6 months, you can have a bottle of water and offer sips often.

- Refresh the baby, either with water or wet wipes, especially around the wrists and ankles, this can help relieve the feeling of heat.

- Bathe him in warm water and leave with damp hair to dry at room temperature. It will provide you relief.

- If you are at home, stay with the baby in the cooler and better ventilated room, avoiding doing activities that lead to sweating, it is preferable to maintain a low level of activity. You can move the crib to that room to make it sleep more comfortable.

- If you have to go outside, do it in the coolest hours of the day, never between 12 and 17h. Find the shade and go to wooded places. Also always wear a hat and put the hood on the baby's stroller.

- Ventilate first thing in the morning and at night to keep the house cooler than the outside temperature. The rest of the day is preferable close and use awnings or blinds to prevent heat from entering.

- Avoid air conditioning and if you put it on, do it to cool the room before the baby enters. It is preferable to use fans that cool but do not dry out the environment.

- Do not use the baby carrier backpack on the hottest days, as it will suffer the heat that your body gives off.

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