The art of being grandparents

The art of being grandparents

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Franco Voli, author of 'The art of being grandparents' and honorary president of the Institution of Cultural Affairs of Spain, recognizes in this interview GuiaInfantil.comThat for grandparents-babysitters to feel motivated in caring for their grandchildren, they must have made the decision, that is, they must feel it as a choice and not as an obligation.

- What do you think of the grandparent-kangaroo phenomenon?
Take care of the children it's a full time job when the parents are away and this interferes with the needs of the grandparents when they are free to live their life to the best of their ability. The help from the grandparents must be totally voluntary, and the parents of the children must be aware of the advantages of this collaboration, taking into account the age of the grandparents, their state of health and their social life. For grandparents to be motivated to act like babysitters they need to feel that it is more of a choice than an obligation.

- How can grandparents participate in the education of their grandchildren without conflict with their children?
The education of the children is the task of the parents. The grandparents, for their part, they educate their grandchildren by example creating a model of adult person that children appreciate and admire.

- How can grandparents-babysitters combine the obligations of caring for their grandchildren with their hobbies or hobbies?
Creating a climate of open dialogue aimed at finding the time they need for their own hobbies and hobbies. On everyone's behalf, the conversation has to be based on mutual love, appreciation, respect and affection. It is also important that there is the desire of each one that things be organized in the best way so that no one feels bad.

- What is the secret to spending time with grandchildren without having direct responsibility for their education?
Grandparents, from their personal situation of not having direct responsibility for the education of their grandchildren and having time, have the opportunity to learn, read, reflect, share educational techniques that research has discovered in recent years. Only if your children ask, can you share educational techniques with themand more effective ways to facilitate coexistence relationships in the family.

- How can you create a good coexistence between grandparents, parents and grandchildren?
Holding on does not work, the formula is to motivate yourself to feel good and help others to act and get it on their side. Parents of children need to be aware that a happy grandpa to have a great grandfather. An unhappy or dissatisfied grandfather will end up being a negative, impatient grandfather and even a burden for the training of his grandchildren, and this is not what we want for our family.

- What does it mean to be a good grandparent?
Enjoy the great opportunity to establish with your grandchildren a privileged relationship based on affection, mutual trust and open communication aimed at creating relationships that make them and us feel good. Grandparents have the possibility and the opportunities to praise their grandchildren, looking for what they do well to validate them, instead of criticizing what they do wrong. They share the importance of focusing attention on finding solutions rather than on the negatives of problems. Being a grandfather is a unique experience, which allows us to relive parenthood in a more relaxed way, without so many demands and with greater freedom.

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