Hepatitis in children and pregnant women

Hepatitis in children and pregnant women

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Hepatitis It is a disease that directly affects the liver. It happens when this organ becomes inflamed, usually due to a virus. There are 5 types of hepatitis, and of them, hepatitis A and E are caused by the ingestion of contaminated water or food. It is a disease that can affect children and adults. And of course, pregnant women too.

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How can a child get hepatitis? And a pregnant woman? How many types of hepatitis are there? And which is the most dangerous? In we answer all your questions about this disease.

Prevent hepatitis in children. What treatment needs hepatitis in children. What can be done to prevent hepatitis and when to vaccinate your child against this disease.

Hepatitis A in children. Hepatitis A in children. What are the symptoms of hepatitis A and how is this disease diagnosed in children? our site offers all the information about the treatment of hepatitis A in children.

Hepatitis B in children. What is hepatitis B and how is it transmitted. Guiainfantil offers all the information about hepatitis B in childhood. Symptoms, transmission, diagnosis and treatment of hepatitis B in children and babies.

Hepatitis C in children. Prevention, symptoms and treatment of hepatitis C in infants and children. Guiainfantil offers complete information on hepatitis C, an inflammation of the liver, very rare and less numerous in children and babies.

How Hepatitis Affects Children. Childhood hepatitis. Children can also get hepatitis, although it is less commonly treated in childhood. There are several types of hepatitis. We explain which are the most aggressive. Hepatitis causes inflammation of the liver causing symptoms such as asthenia, loss of appetite, nausea or fever.

Symptoms of hepatitis in children. What is hepatitis and how does it affect children. Causes of hepatitis during childhood and symptoms of the disease. What types of hepatitis exist and which are the most commonly detected in children.

Hepatitis vaccine in babies. Vaccinating babies against hepatitis is the best way to prevent children from coming into contact with the hepatitis virus and developing this disease, which seriously damages liver function.

Hepatitis in childhood. Hepatitis in children is an inflammation of the liver. It is caused by viruses, but also by other factors such as bacteria, drugs, and toxic agents. Of all viral hepatitis, the most common is hepatitis A, although there are also type B, C, D, E and G viruses

Hepatitis in pregnant women. What happens when the hepatitis virus is detected in pregnancy. Hepatitis is an inflammation of the liver that can cause abdominal pain, fatigue, fever, itching, jaundice (yellowing of the skin and eyes), loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, and weight loss.

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