Raw veganism in childhood

Raw veganism in childhood

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Raw veganism is a dietary trend that consists of the exclusive intake of foods of plant origin that have not been cooked above, approximately, 50 ° C, since, according to their followers, from this temperature, the nutrients are altered.

While there is evidence that man can live on a vegetarian diet, the findings of utensils for cooking food after the discovery of fire, show that man has always consumed cooked food. Perhaps our ancestors, pre-hominids, if they ate a diet based on raw foods, and perhaps also vegan, but, in the absence of evidence, raw veganism is currently a diet undergoing experimentation.

As advantages in childhood, raw veganism presents some. For example:

- Except for vitamin B12, the contribution of the rest of vitamins is usually practically assured, although to ensure a good supply of minerals, not only fruit (fruitarianism or frugivorism) but also vegetables, nuts and seeds should be eaten.

- Also I know prevents the problem of obesity, so frequent in today's society since childhood, and junk food, sweets and pastries are avoided, in addition to candies and other sources of empty calories.

However, the drawbacks must also be borne in mind.

- Childhood and adolescence are stages of life in which energy needs are very high, and this energy, calories, is obtained only from fats, carbohydrates and proteins, which are scarcely present in foods of plant origin.

- Although some raw foods, such as avocados or nuts and seeds can provide considerably higher amounts of macronutrintes than a salad, they are still lower than, for example, a cooked potato or a plate of brown rice. Because of this, and given the small size of a child's stomach, they are forced to eat many times to satisfy their energy needs, sometimes more than a dozen times a day, increasing the risk of cavities, since it feeds on the bacteria that cause cavities (Streptococcus mutans), almost constantly.

- In addition, cellulose, the main sugar in vegetables, is not digestible, since we lack cellulase, the enzyme in charge of breaking down the polysaccharide, so that in the long run they can appear swollen tummies and excess flatulence by consuming it in large quantities.

- Although the protein intake is not so relevant in adulthood, it should be noted that the contribution of a protein of high biological value is of great importance in childhood and adolescence, as well as during pregnancy and lactation, as they are essential for the formation and development of tissues.

While some studies show possible benefits of raw veganism in adulthood, a healthier alternative to this type of diet, which would be beneficial in childhood and adolescence, in addition to pregnancy and lactation, it could be:

- A diet based on fruits and vegetables raw, in addition to other cooked, such as potatoes, green beans, and other green leafy vegetables like spinach and chard.

- Frequent consumption legumes and whole grains, like rice or quinoa.

- Use of nuts and seeds as an extra caloric intake when the food is mostly vegetable.

- Artificial supplementation of vitamin B12.

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