Kangaroo or nursery for baby care

After the most tender four months of your life in which you were able to take care of your newborn baby in detail, now the most complicated thing comes, deciding who the little one will stay with during the time you will be working.

You have no family, no close grandparent who could take care of the little one, and the only alternatives you see is to enroll him in a nursery or arrange the service of a babysitter or caregiver at home. Which is the best option?

Apart from the guilt that some parents feel for having to leave their little one somewhere else and with someone else, it is up to them to decide what is the best alternative. Where or with whom will your baby be best cared for and most protected? I think that at the moment the best thing is to think positively. The baby may "protest" at first, but he will learn to be with other people than his mother and father, he will learn to receive other kinds of attention and care, and he will get used to it. This does not have to be a problem for the little one, especially when the parents maintain close communication with the nursery or the caregiver. You can share educational and care guidelines with them.

If you have decided on a babysitter or babysitter, it is recommended that you interview everyone personally and value qualities such as patience, responsibility, initiative, as well as their loving attitude. When you have it, request a trial period of one week, mostly to see if the baby gets used to it, how their work develops and if it agrees with what you think your baby needs.

If you have decided on a nursery or kindergarten, it is recommended that you visit a few. It is convenient that you know the opinions of friends and neighbors who have their children in one of them. In this case, you should assess the proximity of the nursery to your home, the cleanliness and organization of its facilities, the training and preparation of the personnel involved, if the nursery has an operating license, and that it has a pleasant environment.

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