The pleasure of eating chocolate for children

The pleasure of eating chocolate for children

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I don't know of any kid who doesn't like chocolate. With milk, pure or white. With or without nuts. With or without bread. The fact is that chocolate is usually part of one of your favorite foods.

Chocolate reigns supreme in children's birthdays, parties and edible 'gifts'. They are protagonists at Christmas (with nougat), Easter (with Easter eggs) and in summer (with ice cream). The reason ?: it has a special power and fascination. Best of all, chocolate, in small doses, is very beneficial for children (also for the elderly). Among its many qualities is that it is very good for the brain. Fantastic!

Too bad we don't remember that first time we tried chocolate. It had to be a fascinating experience. Like almost all the first times. However, we can get an idea with this nice video. It was recorded by the protagonist's parents, a baby who enjoys the taste of chocolate. At first he tests it with caution. Once tasted, you can't stop eating the cake.

This baby's happy face says it all. And best of all, chocolate also benefits you. It can be consumed from one year on, and if the child does not have problems of overweight, diabetes or allergies to any of its components, it will be providing calcium, phosphates, proteins and minerals. Especially if it is pure chocolate.

Between the benefits of this succulent food they find each other:

- It's exhilarating. Keeps kids active and energetic.

- It is good against stress, and very useful for children with depression, anxiety or down.

- Prevents heart disease, thanks to its antioxidant properties. Its flavonoid components help fight against the aging of cells. It is also good against Alzheimer's and its effects in the fight against cancer are being studied.

- It is beneficial for the brain. Among the latest research, its powerful power to stop strokes stands out.

- Increases 'good cholesterol'.

Can there be anything better? A food with an extraordinary flavor and that is also good for your health. The recommended dose: one or two ounces a day (better if the chocolate is dark).

This baby is very clear: chocolate is good. And even if you can't speak yet, you could describe what you're feeling in just two words: a pleasure.

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