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10 tips on how to survive a journey with a small child

10 tips on how to survive a journey with a small child

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Driving a car with a small child can be a difficult test of patience for the whole family. The more we are less prepared for it. Therefore, instead of acting blindly, doing everything to finally silence the toddlers traveling with us, it is better to act strategically. Thanks to the following tips, the chance that the trip itself (and not just staying away from home) will be a pleasure, essentially increases.

  1. If possible, start the journey before the sun comes up. In this way, there is a chance that much of the trip children will sleep, and the ride will seem shorter.
  2. If the trip is to be extremely long, plan your accommodation during it. Look for hotel with a swimming pool. After a few hours in the same position, it will be easier for toddlers to relax and calm down, entering a pool full of water. In this way, they will fall asleep faster in a new place, and you will gain valuable time to rest.
  3. Prepare change of clothes for children: for both infants and older toddlers. You never know when you will need to change.
  4. Choose for children comfortable, airy clothes, easy to take off and put on again. It's best to dress your child with an onion so that you can get dressed or undressed while traveling.
  5. Although this is a tempting option, give up junk food during travel and limit sweets. Thanks to this, you will avoid a sudden increase in blood sugar levels, which often results in hyperactivity, nervousness and irritability in children, and then it's easier for conflict.
  6. Install on the side windows of the casing, which will reduce the amount of sun reaching the child. There is nothing worse than an irritated toddler who cannot take a nap because he is offended by the sun.
  7. Try your best avoid traffic jams. Carefully analyze the route, listen to the directions broadcast on the radio. If there is no other way, make sure that before entering the traffic jam, give children time to jog and eat alone.
  8. Take frequent and short breaks. All you need is five minutes, during which the child will have the chance to run, jump, and younger to crawl on the grass or a folded blanket.
  9. For younger children you can take on a journey songs, lullabies, for older audiobooks with favorite fairy tales. Also try tested games and activities on the go. Read more.
  10. Keep distance and relax. While traveling, you may not be able to avoid small disasters, but the main thing is not to increase their rank, but enjoy the moment and time spent together.