How to control children's tantrums

Within its purpose of working for the defense and promotion of children's rights and for justice for all children in the world, Save the childrenpresents in its digital magazine a practical guide with simple guidelines and reflection exercises to help parents achieve the full development of their children.

You can also find advice on the needs and capacities of children according to their ages, as well as recommendations for how to deal with tensions and conflicts with our children.

If the children came with an instruction manual, surely the chapter on tantrums, which normally arise between 2 and 3 years of age, would be the most consulted. The manual Save the children recommends some tips to mediate critical issues like tantrums, tantrums, or tantrums that some children have at these ages.

When the child does not get what he asks for immediately, he may become very angry, cry, throw objects, scratch himself or hit the walls. He is invaded by anger and does not have the ability to control his emotions. He will not attend to fights or aggressions, but these can increase his anger. In this case, be clear about the following:

1- Don't give in to the tantrum.

2- Wait patiently for him to calm down first.

3- Take him to a quiet place and watch that he does not get hurt.

4- When it passes, talk to him or her, and encourage him to ask for forgiveness. It is important that from this age they start learn that they can't have everything they want and to tolerate their frustrations. It is necessary for parents to talk a lot with their children, this will help them enrich their language, expression capacity, creativity. Spending time talking with children is also a way of expressing affection and showing them that we care.

5- Teach the rules to your children. It would be ideal to decide them together, but the parents have the last word. The child participates, understands, and takes responsibility for what he has decided. Clear and simple rules. And repeat them as many times as necessary in a calm way.

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