The stress and helplessness of parents of children with ADHD

Parents of children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) know that their role is essential to their child's recovery. Parents are the source, the model, and the basis with which these children build their own scale of values, discipline, and authority. Everything, absolutely everything, depends on them.

A hyperactive child needs parents who have clear and well-defined rules, who are demanding and who offer an organized and calm environment. Parents who recognize his efforts, who encourage him and dominate him without becoming overprotective. A hyperactive child needs affection, affection and physical contact from parents who help him to position himself, and who control him with limits in a rational and stable way. You also need to receive a adequate and balanced diet. His parents are everything to him.

Imagine living and living with a child who is like a whirlwind or a kaleidoscope of rapid movements. A child gets bored easily, who is not concentrating and is distracted by any kind of sounds and images. A child immersed in a collage of thoughts and images and who is not aware of what is happening around him. An impulsive child with low self-esteem. This is what living with a hyperactive child is like for many parents. It does not surprise me that having to live these situations, day after day, they feel powerless, stressed and incapable.

Hyperactivity disrupts a person's daily life familyIt requires a lot of energy, effort and dedication. Seventy-five percent of parents of children with Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) feel powerless and unable to control their child, more than 80 percent experience high stress, and 50 percent think that they can be better parents. This has been pointed out by Dr. Fernando Mulas, director of the Valencian Institute of Pediatric Neurology, during the IX International Update Course in Pediatric Neuropediatrics and Neuropsychology, held in Valencia, Spain.

Taking these data into account, the course coordinator highlights the importance and support that should be given to these parents during the recovery of your children. It is very important that guidelines and instructions are provided to parents to facilitate their coexistence with hyperactive children.

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