Music for the baby during pregnancy

Who does not like music? Music to dance, to relax, to share, to educate and entertain. There is music for everything, even the unborn baby.

From his mother's womb, the baby can hear and feel music, and even select different sounds. Early musical stimulation motivates and fosters the bond between parents and children, regulates the emotions of both, increases the heart rate and brain activity of the awaiting baby.

Mothers who listen to music during pregnancy are communicating with their baby. All the senses, emotions and sensations that they experience when listening to music will be transmitting to the waiting baby. If the music makes her happy, the baby will be happy too.

Hearing is the first sense to awaken. And the baby experiences it first with the sound of his mother's heartbeat. The baby begins to hear external sounds from the 16th week of pregnancy. From the 20th week on, he begins to react on sounds, and 5 weeks later he will begin to differentiate them.

Experts advise that babies listen to more classical music, Mozart's are very suitable, mainly because it is what relaxes babies. I think that the selection of a music should only be done oriented to each moment. Classical and calmer music for baby to start and end his day, and then more lively music for baby to experience new and different rhythms. I think that you can hear everything, and especially what the mother likes the most. And not just music played on records, on CDs.

On the other hand, it is also advisable for parents to sing to their babies. When the baby is born, you will be able to verify that when you sing to your children the same songs that were sung to you during pregnancy, they will recognize your voices and tone. For that, the best thing is to choose the nursery rhymes that you like the most and find a quiet time and place to share them with the baby, and enjoy this delicious and pleasant experience. Baby will love it for sure.

Music is a resource that offers many stimuli to babies. Experts agree that lullabies or lullabies are a very beneficial way for babies, because: it calms, builds memories, establishes a cultural connection, helps in language development, stabilizes emotions, and brings joy. For this reason, on our site we have created some videos of lullabies for babies that you will love.

He screwed up my boy. Video of lullabies for babies. He scared my child. Put your children to sleep with this beautiful video of a very popular lullaby. Arrorró my child is a traditional lullaby brought to you by Ragged Bear. A special version for readers and followers of our site of a melody to help the baby fall asleep.

Lullaby with waltz for babies. Use this sweet melody of sad Valse by Franz Von Vecsey to put your baby to sleep, a very soft composition that soothes the baby and helps him sleep peacefully. Through lullabies or lullabies, babies will be able to fall asleep more easily.

Estrellita, where are you? Lullaby video. Video of the nursery rhyme Estrellita where are you, one of the most popular and well known lullabies to help babies and children sleep. A lullaby for your children to relax. We suggest you listen to the Spanish version of the song Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

Las Mañanitas. Video lullabies for babies. We offer you a beautiful video of 'Las Mañanitas' one of the most popular songs to put babies to sleep. It is a sweet melody that relaxes and soothes the baby before going to sleep. The video of this beautiful lullaby is illustrated with drawings of Ragged Bear, our site's mascot.

Au clair de la lune. Lullabies video. Au clair de la lune is a traditional French lullaby to sing to children before bed. It tells the story of Lubin looking for a pen to write a letter by moonlight. A beautiful lullaby for the children's bedtime and to rock the baby.

1 hour videos of Brahms lullaby. Brahms lullaby is one of the most popular and used to put the baby to sleep. On our site we have produced a beautiful video with 1 hour of lullaby so that you can calm and sleep your baby. A sweet melody illustrated with dinosaurs to give you sweet dreams.

Julia Florida. Nanas by Agustín Barrios on video. We offer you this beautiful illustrated video of the song Julia Florida, as a lullaby to help the baby sleep. It is a beautiful melody played with classical guitar, sweet and relaxing. The lullabies are a good resource to calm the baby at bedtime.

1 hour video of lullabies with music by Beethoven. We offer you 1 hour of lullaby for babies with Beethoven music to put your child to sleep. Enjoy the sweet piano melody of Beethoven's Moonlight to make your baby fall asleep with sis startles. Melodies to put babies and children to sleep.

1 hour of lullabies with Debussy on video. One hour video of a lullaby or lullaby to help the baby sleep. An hour of music by Claude Debussy with the images of the Ragged Bear to put the baby to sleep. Play this video to your baby when he is restless and can't get to sleep and rest.

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Video: Music for unborn baby. Brain development (December 2021).