5 Halloween crafts to decorate the house with children

5 Halloween crafts to decorate the house with children

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If you plan to decorate the house on Halloween but want it to be a 'homemade' decoration, nothing better than using the ingenuity and help of children. They will have a fun time and the result will be surprising.

Here you have 5 express crafts for the Halloween party, quick and easy to do. You dare?

  • A tangerine
  • Plastic glue eyes
  • Black marker
  • Green pipe cleaners
  • Scissors and white glue
  • Band
  • Glass jar
  • Balloon
  • Toilet paper and toilet paper roll
  • Green and black paint
  • Tetra brick container and two lids

1. The tangerine pumpkin: To make a pumpkin mandarin, first you have to make a hole with the help of scissors in the base of the mandarin. Click the green pipe cleaner there and cut it. It will be the tail of the pumpkin. Glue the two plastic eyes and paint the nose with the marker. It is a small triangle.

Now trace the mouth with the black marker. It is a long straight line with small vertical lines that cut through it. And you already have it!

2. Mummy with recycled material: The mummy is very simple to make! You have to wrap the toilet paper roll with a bandage. Do it in several directions, don't always follow the same one. Once you have the roll 'bandaged', find a hole to glue the eyes. You can put some decorative element, like a bow.

3. Luminous ghost: For the luminous ghost, coat white glue on a glass jar. When it dries, paint with the black marker two big eyes and a 'terrifying' mouth. Put a plastic candle inside the battery operated ones, you will see the luminous ghost effect it creates ... how scary!

4. Hanging ghost: The hanging ghost will be used to hang from the ceiling. Create a fantastic effect. You just have to inflate a balloon and glue toilet paper on the bottom of the balloon with white glue. Only at the base, letting the paper fall onto the balloon. When you have it covered with paper, you paint the eyes and a mouth with a marker. You tie a string of the balloon ... and ready to scare!

5. Frankenstein eats candy: This Frankenstein craft takes a little more time. You should paint a tetra brick cardboard green. The top part, however, should be painted black, as it will be the hair. A) Yes:

Now let it dry well, and when it is dry, cut out two circles on a white card and paint inside two black circles as a pupil. They are the eyes. You glue them on the container and paint the caps black to glue them to the sides. It will be the screws.

Finally, cut out a semi circle at the bottom of the container. It will be the mouth. Cut out two tiny rectangles from the white cardboard. It will be the teeth. Paint a couple of scars on the face with lettering. And now you have it!

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