Saint Marcelo's Day, October 30. Names for boy

Saint Marcelo's Day, October 30. Names for boy

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Marcelo is a name for a boy of Latin origin without a defined meaning, although some associate it with 'hammer'. What is in doubt is that the name of your son comes directly from the warrior god Mars, which ends up surrounding him with great strength and triumph.

It is a rare but very charismatic name for any child. Celebrate your name day October 30, which is the day of San Marcelo de León.

The name Marcelo carries a very attractive and seductive special personality. Marcelo is enigmatic, thoughtful and charming. His tenacity and willpower lead him to achieve success in life, always surrounded by friends because he is a very sociable and dynamic person. In addition, he is persistent and pragmatic and has a protective point regarding his family.

The relationship of your child's name with the Roman god MarsIt also includes other proper names such as Marco or Marcelino, without forgetting their fighting or martial connotations, of the month of March or of Tuesday. It is a very frequent name in Italy, although the French Marcel is also known to us. One of the most attractive variants of Marcelo is his Basque form Markel.

The name Marcelo has been carried by kings, popes and historians, but also footballers, artists, writers and scientists. The mythical Italian actor Marcello Mastronianni comes to mind, the star of unforgettable films such as 'Italian Divorce', 'La dolce vita' or 'The Stranger'. And one of its female variants, Marcia, is one of the most sought after girl names thanks to actress Marcia Cross from 'Desperate Housewives'.

The intellectual field has also produced great men who bore your name, especially in France, where we find anthropologists such as Marcel Griaule or Marcel Mauss, author of the 'Essay on the gift'. Although without a doubt, the one who gave the name Marcelo the most fame was the writer Marcel Proust, of whom we can highlight his work 'In Search of Lost Time'.

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