The little Mermaid. Traditional tales for children

The little Mermaid. Traditional tales for children

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The story of The little Mermaid (original title in Danish: Den lille Havfrue) was published on April 7, 1837 by the Danish writer and poet Hans Christian Andersen, famous for his children's stories. It tells the story of Ariel, a dreamy mermaid who wants to live out of the water because she believes that it is the best thing that could happen to her in life. This tale has been adapted several times into a musical, a Japanese animated film by Toei Animation, and another animated film by Walt disney.

At the bottom of the oceans there was a beautiful palace in which the King of the Sea lived with his five daughters, beautiful mermaids. The youngest, the little MermaidBesides being the most beautiful, she had a wonderful voice.

When she sang, all the inhabitants of the bottom of the sea came to listen to her. In addition to singing, Little Mermaid dreamed of going to the surface to see the sky and know the world of men, as related by his sisters.

But his father told him that only when he turned 15 would he have his permission to do so. Over the years, the long-awaited birthday and gift finally arrived.

Little Mermaid was finally able to go out to breathe the air and see the sky, after listen to your father's advice: 'Remember that the world above is not ours, we can only admire it. We are children of the sea. Be wise and stay away from men. '

And when the Little Mermaid emerged from the water, her mouth was open. Everything was new to her. And everything was beautiful, fascinating! Little Mermaid was happy. After a few minutes, Little Mermaid was able to observe, with amazement, that a ship was approaching and stopping. Began to hear voices. And he thought about how much he would like to talk to them.

But he looked at his long tail and realized that that was impossible. He continued looking at the ship. On board there was a big anniversary party. The captain of the ship was twenty years old.

Little Mermaid was stunned to see the young man. He was tall, dark, royal, and smiled happily. The Little Mermaid felt a strange sensation of joy and suffering at the same time.

Something that he had never felt in his heart. The party continued until suddenly a strong wind churned the waves, shaking and subsequently capsizing the ship. Little Mermaid watched as the young captain fell into the sea.

He swam what he could to help him, until he had him in his arms. The young man was unconscious, but the Little Mermaid swam what she could to carry him ashore. He deposited the body of the young man on the sand of the beach and was rubbing his hands trying to wake him up.

But a murmur of approaching voices forced her to take refuge in the sea. From the sea, he saw how the young man regained consciousness and thanked, wrongly, a young lady for having saved his life.

Little Mermaid returned to the paternal mansion and told them all about her experience. Then she spent days crying in her room. She had fallen in love with the young captain but felt that she could never be with him.

Days later, the Little Mermaid went desperate to the house of the Sorceress of the Abyss. He wanted to get rid of his fishtail at any cost. And they made a deal: Little Mermaid would have two legs in exchange for giving her beautiful voice to the sorceress who warned her: "If the man you love marries another, your body will disappear in the water like the foam of a wave."

Nodding to the sorceress's conditions, Little Mermaid drank the magic potion and immediately lost consciousness. When she awoke she was lying on the sand on the beach, and next to her was the young captain who was trying to help her up. And he said: "I will take you to the castle and I will heal you."

During the following days, the Little Mermaid went on to dress like a lady, and accompanied the prince on his walks. She was invited to court balls but since she could not speak, she could not explain to the prince what had happened on the night that she saved him.

The prince couldn't stop thinking about the lady who thought have saved his life and Little Mermaid realized that. But fate reserved another surprise.

One day, they sighted a large ship approaching the harbor. The ship was carrying a stranger who immediately caught the prince's attention. Little Mermaid felt a sharp pain in her heart, and she felt that she would lose her prince forever.

The prince was captivated by the unknown young woman, who was none other than the witch in disguise, and having stolen her voice, the prince believed that she was his savior and fell in love with her.

He asked her to marry him, and to celebrate they were invited to make a great sea voyage the next day, also accompanied by the Little Mermaid. When night fell, Little Mermaid, remembering the agreement she had made with the sorceress, was willing to sacrifice her life and disappear into the sea, until she heard the call of her sisters.

- Little Mermaid! Little mermaid! We are your sisters! Listen carefully, there is a way to break the spell and get back the voice that the witch has stolen from you. If you kiss the prince you will make him fall in love with you and break the enchantment.

The Little Mermaid ran and ran to the great hall where the wedding ceremony was to begin. He threw himself into the prince's arms and kissed him, leaving everyone speechless.

The sorceress regained her ugly voice and appearance, and the Little Mermaid was able to explain what had really happened. The witch was locked in the dungeon, and the prince apologized to the Little Mermaid.

That same afternoon the wedding between the Little Mermaid and the prince was celebrated, and everyone sang to celebrate their love.


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