The Christmas rose. Christmas story for children

Christmas is an ideal time to tell stories with values ​​to children. Christmas transmits values ​​such as generosity, kindness, compassion...

This tale, 'The Christmas rose', it speaks precisely of compassion and kindness. It is ideal for explaining what these values ​​mean to younger children.

It was a very, very cold winter night. The icy wind whistled loudly. The land was frozen and covered with a thick layer of ice and snow. With weather like this, it was best to stay home by the fireplace ...

Samuel, the young shepherd, had heard people talk about the birth of a child in a stable quite close to home. Since that was such a cold day, he thought: poor baby, in a stable ... in this cold, he is going to freeze!

Samuel had been born in summer, when the roses were blooming. Lots of people came with gifts the day he was born. They all wanted to meet him! The sun was shining bright and the good weather encouraged the neighbors to come to their house. But now ... everything was so gray and cold. So he wondered if the boy in the stable had someone to visit him.

Apparently the parents of the newborn were not from this area and did not know anyone. Decidedly, Samuel wanted to go visit the new baby in the stable. I just want to see him to make sure he's okay, she thought. So he decided to go.

Samuel bundled up warm: he wrapped his warm fur coat tightly around him to ward off the wind and cold. Despite the illusion to see the little one, I was a bit sad, because Samuel was so poor that he had no gift for the little one ...

He was walking with his head cocked thoughtfully, when suddenly spotted something shiny under a tree, something that looked like a flower.

- "In winter? - he thought-, that cannot be true. He ran to her to get a better look at her. And, indeed, growing on a sturdy stem there was a white flower with five petals. It looked like a five pointed star! This would be your gift.

Samuel took the little flower and hurried over. Finally he reached the stable and stood before the baby, who was lying in a manger. Samuel carried the flower in his hand.

The shepherd boy was very close to the newborn, and just as he leaned towards him to give him his flower, a powerful ray of light illuminated the manger. The light, golden in color, came from the little for that Samuel held in his hands. Since that day, that flower, which blooms every Christmas, it's called christmas rose.

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