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Reading is trendy ...

Reading is trendy ...

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Let the motto of this article be the quote Reading develops the minds of young people, rejuvenates the character of an old man, ennobles them in times of prosperity, gives help and comfort in adversities(Marcus Tullius Cicero).
For me, what these words convey is very important. This is a truth to keep in mind. I like to spend time on the book myself, I read to children, and the elderly I urge you to relax with adventure books, to read outside of school reading.

We create by reading books aloud bond between an adult and a child. When we read to a child to sleep or just like that, the toddler feels safely , is aware that someone wants to spend time with him, that is important to someone and someone with all his heart wants to go with him in love through the world. Reading amazingly stimulates brain work, enriches vocabulary, supports later life - teaches you to understand what to read, which is an inherent skill in the child's future life. It has been proven that children that parents read from an early age or even months or weeks of life have richer vocabulary, especially when it comes to adjectives - perfectly in later years deal with the characteristics of the characters.
Reading together with your child also protects them from addiction to television or the Internet and shapes the lifelong reading habit. It makes the child feel at home that books are an indispensable element of life.
"I don't have time - I work!" - this is our main excuse for our parents. Let us think, however, whether one of us would answer, e.g. in a survey, the question of whether he reads to his children in this way?

I understand everything, I am a working mom myself, but I try to read my children as often as possible. I have to admit that there are days when I simply don't have the strength in the world. In such moments, radio plays come to the rescue ...
When I find a very tiring day, click and listen. There is no doubt that the play will not give your child a sense of security, but it has many other advantages.

If we choose books for our children well, the little ones will pay attention already in the early years of life to the features of temperament, way of life, etc., and then maybe they will imitate the characters, wise and noble heroes in everyday life. That is why it is important for our children not to give access to books that teach evil. As a solution to conflicts, they suggest beating or unrefined arguing - shown as ordinary everyday life, which is the most normal way of acting in the lives of the characters in a given book. It is worth knowing which book to read to your child.

For this reason, I would like to offer you two books that are worth having in your library.


TITLE: Domonoś, Odlotka and other freaks from my area
AUTHORS: Jovanka Tomaszewska and Wojciech Kołyszko
ILLUSTRATIONS: Wojciech Kołyszka
DIMENSIONS: 22.5 cm x 21.5 cm (rounded)
Binding: soft

Every fairy tale in this book can be a great excuse to talk to your child about what he thinks, feels and what his desires are. Quite inconspicuous freaks "live" in reality - the imagination of our children. One could say that at first glance these monsters are in a way feelings, thoughts and desires of a child. Thanks to this thin book, We - parents know that we can learn a lot about our own child if we listen to his fantasies carefully ... This book is designed to stimulate the imagination and empathy of all readers regardless of gender or age. However, this item has one more important task, namely part of the proceeds from the sale of this book is intended for the activities of the Women's Development Ladder Club, which helps, among others charges of Single Mother and Child Houses.


TITLE: Bedtime stories
FROM THE SERIES: From the toddler's treasury

A great collection of children's stories recommended for evening reading. Beautiful illustrations in a stiff and soft cover (stiff cover - such that the child does not bend the corners, but at the same time soft - as if with a thin pillow). The form itself encourages you to reach for fairy tales and invites you to turn the pages together. All stories, like "Domoś, odlotka and other freaks" touch the subject of feelings, problems, dreams of young children, etc. In the booklet you can find such classic stories as:

  • An ugly duckling
  • Goldilocks and the Three Bears
  • Princess and the Pea

I recommend to all parents to read together!