Girls Balloon Christmas Flower Headband

Girls Balloon Christmas Flower Headband

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With balloons you can make a lot of different crafts: accessories for costumes, animals, decorations for birthdays and even a nice Christmas headband.

In We teach you to make a beautiful detail for the pretty princesses of the house, it is a spectacular headband adorned with a Christmas flower.

  • Plastic headband or headband
  • 3 twister balloons of 160
  • 1 twister balloon of 350

1: Inflate a twister 160 and blow two bubbles, one at two fingers and the other at three fingers. Then join them as shown in the figure, with this you will be making a petal of the flower.

2: Repeat the previous step until you get seven petals.

3: Cut 1 twister 160 balloon into segments of about four fingers, which you will inflate a little to make the pistils of the flower (you will leave a bubble at each end). Then insert them through the back of the flower and bring it to the front.

4: Line the plastic headband or headband with the twister 350 as shown in the figure, when completely lining it, tie your curler and cut it.

5: With a recycling twister, attach the flower to the headband.

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