How to stimulate the acquisition of vocabulary in children

How to stimulate the acquisition of vocabulary in children

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Language is the main means of communication for people. Thanks to him we can exchange ideas and feelings. It is a skill that is learned naturally during the first years of life.

For it to develop, it is necessary that there be: biological maturation (the organs that allow us to make sounds and speak) and environmental influence (the opportunities of the environment to communicate). In We tell you a series of activities that you can do with your child to stimulate his vocabulary.

Since they are newborns, children interpret looks and smiles, while I teach the linguistic interpretations given by the people around them. These verbalizations are very important for their language development and socialization.

Language development occurs at a different rate for each child. It will do so according to the evolution of the biological and environmental factors that it has. For this reason, it is important that the child is encouraged to progress in them and the acquisition of oral language is easier.

To help and stimulate the acquisition of oral language in children, it is important that parents keep in mind some guidelines such as:

- Do not interrupt the child when he is telling something.

- Do not anticipate the child's responses if he is slow to give them.

- Use clear and adult language. Avoid diminutives and "childish" language.

- Use simple sentences adapted to the child's level of production and understanding.

- Do not laugh when the child makes mistakes in his language.

- It is convenient to speak more slowly than usual, but without breaking our intonation, accent or tone.

In addition, while talking to the child, parents can use techniques such as:

- Self-instructions out loud. Talk about what is being done so that the child receives simple language models accompanied by some action.

- Parallel speech. The adult talks about what the child does as an accompaniment to their interactions.

Parents need to motivate their children and encourage them to interact with other people. Play is a fundamental and quite effective means of stimulating language. Therefore, parents should propose games for this purpose. In addition, the use of narratives, dramatizations, word games, songs or riddles for the stimulation of oral expression is significant.

Among the activities that parents can do with their children to stimulate oral language we can find these among others:

- Read stories. It is a great way to stimulate the imagination and creativity of the child, in addition to helping them to acquire their language, it is an activity that they love, promoting the habit of reading as they grow. It is recommended, stories with large pictures or endless stories where the child has to verbalize what happens or what may happen.

- Differentiate objects and colors. Show the child several objects with different colors and ask him to classify them in such a way as, for example, “yellow banana”.

- Play with objects. While the child plays with a doll or a car, for example, name the parts of it.

- Auditory association games. Games like saying words that start with the same letter or ending sentences are very effective

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