Videos to learn to draw pets

With just a cardboard and a black marker you can let your imagination and that of your children fly and draw your own pets in an easy and simple way. Following the advice and instructions that appear in the following videos of You will learn to draw all the pets and teach them to your children so that they can paint and decorate them to their liking.

If you want to learn how to draw your own pets, here you go 6 videos that will teach you quickly and easily to draw and color them. Go ahead and create your own pets for children.

A dog. How to draw a dog. Children's drawings of animals. Learn to draw a dog. Video for the child to learn to draw a dog. Family leisure.

A rabbit How to draw a rabbit. Learn to draw a rabbit. Video to learn how to draw a rabbit. We teach you, in that video, how to draw a rabbit with the children. A simple and easy drawing to do. Children are sure to love learning how to draw that cute rabbit.

A turtle. Through painting, children discover a world full of colors, shapes, lines and imagination, they symbolize feelings and experiences, so this time we want to propose a fun activity: how to draw a turtle with the little ones in the house.

A bird. How to draw a bird. Learn to draw a bird. Video to learn how to draw a bird. Family leisure.

A squirrel. Video for children on how to draw a squirrel. Learn to draw a squirrel. Video to learn how to draw a squirrel. Family leisure. Learning to draw is one of the most basic activities for children, especially to stimulate their fine motor skills.

A cat. How to draw a cat mask. Learn to draw a cat. Video to learn how to draw a cat. Family leisure.

Video: How To Draw Pete The Cat (October 2021).