The mobile flash can detect cancer in your child's eye and save his life

The mobile flash can detect cancer in your child's eye and save his life

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All it takes is a flash. The mobile camera flash, for example. Just look at their eyes. In his pupils. As long as you can detect a type of cancer in time called retinoblastoma, a cancer in the eyes that you can catch in time with a simple photograph.

The alarm was raised by the mother of this two-year-old boy. One day, Julia Fitzgerald he realized that in all the photographs he took of his son Avery with flash, came out with a small white dot in the center of the pupil. In the other eye, however, the pupil appeared red.

At first you thought it would be a reflection, but ... in all the photos the same reflection? Shortly after, he read the testimony of other parents who had seen this same effect in their children and who warned about the indication of a tumor. The doubt made him consult his doctor and he confirmed, after carrying out various tests, that it was not a whim of the camera. The flash had detected a retinoblastoma in her son's eye.

Retinoblastoma is a type of malignant tumor which is located in the retina of the eye. In principle it has a high genetic component, but it is not always hereditary.

Its main symptoms? The white pupil, that same pupil that appears in flash photographs when the tumor has not yet become visible to the naked eye. It can also be presented pain in the affected eye and lazy eye or strange look in the child (when, for example, each eye seems to look in different directions). In some cases, part of the eye is blurred (the pupil and part of the iris).

In addition, it is a tumor that usually occurs more frequently in children under two years. Therefore, experts recommend paying attention to this little 'tool', so easy to use, to do the test and detect the tumor in time. A tool that we all carry with us. For it, the 'red eyes' function will have to be deactivated, who own mobile phones and who try to counteract this annoying effect in portraits.

Remember that it is a very aggressive tumor that can be fatal if not detected in time.

Here is the video that an Association fighting retinoblastoma launched in England to raise awareness among the entire population and teach them to do 'the test' to their children to stop this tumor in time.

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