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Educational table with the function of pusher ,, Smiki ”

Educational table with the function of pusher ,, Smiki ”

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Why didn't I write, according to the manufacturer's description, that it was a pusher, which was enriched with the function of a small table? Therefore, not to discourage you. Well, since I became a mother, I knew that my child would start learning to walk at his own pace. I tried not to put pressure on my daughter and calmly wait until she was ready for the first independent steps. However, with time I thought that I could help her a little and use the accessories available on the market. I immediately discarded the walker. I remember my sister's kids smashing it against furniture and using it as a strange trampoline. In addition, I read the opinions of lauders and opponents of this type of support. Ultimately, my fear about the adverse impact of the walker on the joints prevailed. Therefore, I decided to buy a pusher on the occasion. Because I like multifunctional equipment and toys, I was considering a product that my child could use later.


With a hand on my heart, I must admit that in our case the pusher failed the exam. The daughter fell to her knees or grew so fast that she let go of the walking aid grip and fell to the floor. Although you can adjust the angle of the product, unfortunately it does not have a brake option. Well, I was disappointed with this purchase, but I decided to give it another chance and use it as an educational table.

Little table, cover yourself

It wasn't love at first sight. The fascination with the new toy was born slowly, from the stage of total ignorance to interest. Over time, my child discovered how many opportunities this toy gives. Let's start with the fact that the wheels attached to the set can be removed, then we will get a stable standing object. If we want our child to ride him around the room, which can be quite an interesting and funny experience for both parties, let's skip this step.

Converting a pusher into a table is child's play. My Baby got to quickly how to break the pillars of the toy. The stage of infatuation with screws continues to this day. The elements from which the table legs are made prevent an inquisitive child from experimenting in a culinary nature. Not one of the parts is small enough to be swallowed or hurt in any way. There are no sharp edges here. The design has a streamlined, safe shape. The whole looks impressive. The colors used are vivid, pleasing to the eye. Generally speaking, a lot is going on on the table. In addition to moving and sound-producing elements, there are also convex pictures that small fingers will definitely want to touch.

Appearance really matters

As a child, I wouldn't know where to start my adventure with this subject. My daughter doesn't have a favorite button. He usually walks around the table and torments individual elements in turn.

Probably the attention of the observer is attracted by the heads of three frogs. Each of them is not only smiling, but also looks with different eyes. To set these nice amphibians in motion, simply press one of the three colorful illuminated buttons. Then the frogs will start jumping, and our ears will enjoy cheerful melodies that are easily remembered. The child can play a small DJ and excess energy, discharge by hitting the buttons. It is very relaxing, especially after a stressful day.
If the table were a map of the world, there are three cogs in its north. Turning one turns the other elements of this uncomplicated mechanism. Here again comes the motif of a frog, changing into a teddy bear, purple steering wheel and a dome in which colorful peas bounce.

In the central part of the toy a bird is hidden, which pretends to be a woodpecker. When the child moves the tail protruding from outside the glass tail, the beak strikes the bell, which makes a pleasant sound.

On the right side of the table are squeaking sun and an uncomplicated counter with four discs. The left part of the panel has been enriched with a movable cylinder with the repeated function of jumping balls. Below, a child's finger can change the visibility of the picture with the help of a sliding block. Depending on the position of the plastic element, the Toddler will see a smiling sun or a sleeping moon.

Toy for many months

My observations indicate that the object I am describing allows me to take a little while for Baby and interest him not only in his appearance but also in interesting functions. Certainly it was not a missed purchase, which I would like to get rid of quickly. While the pusher himself was not needed by my child, the table is becoming more and more popular

Table I praise for:

  • Easy assembly
  • Lightness and free movement by adults and children
  • Choice of riding or standing options
  • Aesthetics of performance
  • Interesting items
  • A large number of attractions
  • Affordable price (around 80 PLN, the product can be purchased cheaper in the promotion),
  • The quality of parts that ensure the child's safe play under the guidance of a parent
  • Only three standard batteries are used. sticks that will last for long concerts and are mounted so that getting to them requires a screwdriver
  • Taking up little space after folding.

I'll only attach to his availability. In addition to Biedronka, I saw him in Smyk (you can find him on the website under the name Smiki, Musical walker) at a price exceeding PLN 100. In addition to these two stores, you can only get it on auction sites.