9 infallible tricks to detangle girls' hair

As a child, with long curly hair, I had to suffer the hair pulling that my mother gave me. I remember those bitter tears with terror and, to top it all, they were always accompanied by a monumental anger from my mother.

Now I have two seven-year-old girls who love to wear long hair and, much to my regret, I am the witch who constantly pulls their hair. So, in my incessant search for brushing without pulling, I think I have found some simple tricks that will help you to make your daughters look beautiful without having to suffer (I have never agreed with the phrase: to look you have to suffer)

1- Do not wash it excessively: About three times a week is enough if we do not want them to dry out and become brittle. The first thing to know is that healthy and strong hair tangles much less than fine and fragile hair; so your care is paramount. It is important to apply a shampoo designed for children since their scalp is usually more delicate than ours and they usually have softer soaps.

2- Never stir the hair with the shampoo: This is key so that we do not encounter an indomitable tangle when we get out of the bathtub. It should be done with little product to be able to remove it well from the hair with the rinse, and spread it from top to bottom carefully, with gentle circular movements but without removing the hair.

3- Always use detangler: It does not have to be a mask, which usually dirties hair more quickly, one for children is enough. Detanglers without rinsing are also very good solutions, which are used with damp hair and which are less greasy.

4- Do not comb wet: Hair breaks more when wet. But sometimes it is the only way we can face that furry beast. You have to use a comb with wide teeth (skeletons) or a special one against pulls, although my experience is regular with them. It begins at the bottom, in small strands, and always holding the upper part tightly so that the girl does not notice the pull; and it rises progressively.

5- If the hair is dry, I usually use a water spray, so that it does not get too wet, is easier to untangle and does not remain dull.

6- Never use hair ties that cut or break hair.

7- Never sleep with wet hair because it breaks down, much less in a braid or ponytail.

8- Do not put cologne on the hair, alcohol dries out hair.

9- If your daughter has eddies, get rid of the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtaming them, it's mission impossible. Leave the hair long and they will soften with the weight of the hair.

But the most important advice of all is: patience and understanding, I can assure you that they tremble more than we do when they see the brush.

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