Game Puzlino Granna Educational toys

Puzlino could earn the title of parental hit just like Lotto if it allowed for more creative fun. We would rate her higher if she encouraged entertainment based on at least two or three principles. Unfortunately, the form of the puzzle does not allow to meet such requirements, so the game should be rated as "good", but the maximum number of stars in our ranking it does not get.

But from the beginning ... The game contains 24 elementsthat can be combined into 12 matching sets. In this way, colorful puzzles are created, which the child of two to four years is to combine.

Our tester, who was just over two years old, had virtually no problems arranging individual elements (combining wellies with an umbrella, a beehive with a bee, a dog with a doghouse, etc.). All matched in less than 5 minutes. The task can be said to be too simple. And that's it.

Of course, after placing the puzzle you can talk to your child about them. Make the fun more attractive by inviting other children to play. However, it is still a little bit ...

Pros? Good workmanship, thick cardboard that was used to produce the game, durability and graphics that cannot be faulted, good availability and low price (around 20 zlotys). All this determines that we give the game 3.5 points.